Introducció Bultaco
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little, or much, it is possible to be said of a so emblematic trademark
Who, young or not so young, in this country or anywhere else in the world does not know the brand thumb up sign ?, someone had formerly used in some competition to warn that all was well. Apart from the use that was given in ancient Rome, of course ...
You may even be someone who does not know where he triumphed modalities ?. Naturally all, but what is certain is that everyone, very significant precisely because of the global extent in marketing their products expression known of his past existence.
It is still possible that someone did not know that Bultaco was exported throughout the Globe ?. By naming the countries buying the products of the brand simply could include: Asia, Africa, America and Oceania.
I was fortunate enough to meet all its splendor; a deep crisis; a temporary resurgence, a phoenix; and misfortune of seeing their final internal latter fall ... because of multiple circumstances of type, say, coupled with a set of short-term market factors.
Someone would say; Bultaco technology was far from that of other motorcycles of its time, and competitiveness of markets has always been so ruthless and ferocious than ever understood romanticism. Well, I would answer, we're talking about motorcycles who held a personality never shown in any other commercial product. They were able to identify fully with each of its unconditional users, but when Bultaco market requirements found in business and technological dilemma unfortunately got no endorsement of any administrative body.
Anyway it's not here to discuss these important factors, but rather to honor a brand thanks to an extremely charismatic and with a conviction beyond the purely commercial character knew extend that charisma and know about motorcycles so that his memory will live forever in the minds of those we had, and have, lucky to be Bultaquistas. And surely also of those who had wanted and could not be
a Dn. Francisco X. Bultó: l'art és la raó de ser de l'artista
in memoriam

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